Who We Are

In 18 years of working as an educator, I have never met a student who did not want to be successful.

Jon Fass - coach

Meet Jon Fass

Executive Function Coach & Founder of FassForward Coaching

Jon is a seasoned educator with over 20 years of educational experience as a guidance counselor, assistant principal and teacher. Over the years, Jon recognized a subtle yet crucial gap in our children’s education.  Students are taught subjects like reading, math, and science and yet there is little to no focus on daily life skills. How can we expect our children to know and sharpen their executive function skills if they are not expressly being taught?

Jon’s philosophy is simple. Jon will provide tools that support your child to build their executive function skill muscle, strengthening their ability to manage time, self-regulate, plan and prioritize, and initiate and sustain attention to tasks.

Jon believes in a hands on approach, forming strong and healthy relationships with students and creating safe learning environments for true growth.

Jon is a married father of two boys. He loves spending his free time playing basketball (really any sport) with his kids and coaching their various teams. He lives in Massachusetts, but is a New Jersey man at heart (Go Nets!)