Coaching Sessions

Our 12-week program

Small Group Coaching

Small Group Coaching provides opportunities to collaborate with peers, to problem solve, and to strengthen social skills. Students will benefit from the same tools and strategies shared in a 1:1 session with the added component of social skill building amongst peers. Small groups will typically range from 3-6 students and will be held in-person or virtually based on the needs of each collective small group.

Weekly sessions will run 45-60 minutes.

Individual Sessions

Individual (1:1) Sessions provide opportunities to receive individualized attention and customized coaching in a student’s own environment. Students in this coaching model will benefit from the same tools and strategies shared in a group coaching session structured to hone in on the student’s unique focus areas. Individual sessions may also be utilized as a stepping stone to small group sessions for those students who would benefit from building social skills ahead of a peer group setting. Individual sessions may be held in-person or virtual.

Weekly sessions will run 45-60 minutes.

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What will coaching sessions look like?

Using researched based tools, each coaching session will be customized to align with the priorities of the student and family. The 12-week program will include, but will not be limited to, the following topics:

Self-Regulation, Stress Management, Mindfulness

Personal Calendar Organization and Maintenance

Backwards Planning and Long-term Planning practice


Planning, Prioritizing, and Time Management, Chunking

Task Initiation and Sustaining Attention to Task

Test Preparation and Test Taking Strategies

Self-Correcting, Self-Monitoring

Workspace, Desk, and Backpack Organizational Tips and Tricks

Recap notes will be shared weekly. For students under the age of 18, notes will also be shared with a parent or guardian.