What is Executive Function?

Benefits of Executive Function Coaching

Learn to work smarter, not Harder
All coaching will be customized to meet the personal goals of each client.

Time Management

Students will learn to make the best use of their time and develop proactive strategies in order to execute tasks in a timely manner.

Planning & Prioritizing

In order to accurately and confidently complete tasks, students must plan effectively, organize, focus, self-start, and stay on task. Students will learn to plan and prioritize homework​, test prep, essay writing and long term projects.

Relationship Building

Relationships are pivotal for both social skills and in professional settings. Students will spend time developing skills to build strong relationships by working on cognitive flexibility and learning to understand varying perspectives.

Academic Progress

Academic success is having the right mindset and building confidence. Students will work on developing skills around working memory and test preparation to achieve academic excellence.

Self Regulation

​Students practice regulating their thoughts, emotions, and actions to accomplish personal goals and achieve long term goals.


Students will develop strategies to persist through non-preferred tasks.

Personal Responsibility

Learning skills and strategies to organize and be responsible for personal space and belongings.

Students feel happier and more successful when owning their self progress.